Toward Epistemic Alliances: July 2nd 2019

Seminar 1 - for website

This seminar aims to creating the grounds for multi-structural analyses of power and difference as they shape our worlds.

The motivation follows from conversations between writers in management and organisational studies and in sociology thinking through the production and persistence of structures of power as they shape our worlds.

Management writing focuses on philosophies and practices of management as they coalesce structures of domination and control; sociological writing is concerned with the emergence and operation of social relations that structure our worlds. Nowhere is the congruence of these agendas more evident than in the study of colonial power wherein the Other has been nothing but an object of management. Moreover, colonial power remains manifest within the most pressing issues of the day – from migration and gentrification to employment and incarceration.

This seminar, thus, seeks to engage the epistemological alliances between Management and Sociology.

Invited speakers: Avi Boukli, Ipek Demir, Marsha Garratt, Mrinalini Greedharry, Sarah Golightley and Chryssy Hunter.


Venue: There is level access to Paterson’s Land, with Room 1.21 accessible by lift. Accessible and unisex toilets are available in the building. If you have other requirements, please contact us and we will do what we can to make the event accessible for you.


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