2018 Remi Joseph-Salisbury

Annual Lecture 2018 ‘Institutionalised whiteness, racial microaggressions and Black bodies out of place in Higher Education’

Speaker: Remi Joseph-Salisbury (Leeds Beckett University)

24 May 2018, hosted by the Critical Pedagogies Reading Group and the Centre for Teaching Innovation, University of Westminster

A podcast of this lecture is available.

About the lecture

On the morning of Friday 3rd February 2017, Femi Nylander – a Black Oxford alumnus – walked through the grounds of Oxford University’s Harris Manchester College. Later that morning a CCTV image of Femi was circulated to staff and students who were urged to ‘maintain vigilance’. ‘Post-racial’ ideology insists on framing such incidents as isolated aberrations bereft of wider structural and institutional context. In this lecture, I centralise the voices of student campaigns as sites of legitimate experiential knowledge in order to offer a counter-narrative. In so doing, I draw upon the theoretical concepts of racial microaggressions and bodies out of place as I argue that Femi’s experience cannot be understood in abstraction from structural white supremacy and the institutionalised whiteness that undergirds Higher Education.

About Remi Joseph-Salisbury

Remi Joseph-Salisbury is a Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at Leeds Beckett University, with research primary research interests in race and (anti-)racism. He is a trustee of the Racial Justice Network, and a steering group member of the Northern Police Monitoring Project. He is co-editor of The Fire Now, a forthcoming collection exploring anti-racism in times of explicit racial violence.

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